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There are many movie theaters in my city, but China Film Cinema is the best. It is also the newest. So I often enjoy movies there. It is (36)
to my home, and it only takes me five minutes to (37)
there. I usually buy the tickets on the Internet, because I can (38) better sea...

不懂就问,腾讯那个“this is my city”原歌叫什么: 候鸟飞多远 也想念着南方
旅人的天涯 到尽头还是家
下一站 还感觉不来是冷还是暖
天一亮 我又离开
如果我回来 有没有人等待
如果我孤单 会不会谁明白
想象着 再见面却怕自己不勇敢
想拥抱 在你胸怀
时光隧道 传来回音
有些人 在心底从来没忘记
有些事 有些梦 还找不到谜底
有些话 越欲言又止 就越是动听
让我们 靠近 想悄悄告诉你
那颗心 还一直守候没离去
走遍了 全世界 还是你最亲密
记得吗 你最爱的歌 让我再唱起
让我们 相遇 要悄悄告诉你
悄悄告诉你 - 范玮琪

There are many movie theaters in my city, but China Film Cinema is the best. It is also the newest: 36, close
37, get
38, choose
39, cheaper
40, expensive/crowded
41, very
42, best/biggest
43, service
44, us
45, middle

There is a museum in my city.: Is there a museum in your city ?

怎么写英语作文 the best places in my city: the best places in my city
Shanghai is my favorite city.I like it because I was born in there,and a lot of my family members and my friends live there.The shopping in Shanghai is cheaper than here,but it’s expensive in China.I have a lot of things to do there,like:shopping,playing,going to my friend’s home… And there’re also a lot of places that are interesting.In Shanghai,people speak the same language as I do.I was there for 13 years!I left there on August,18th,2005.And I was there because I was born in there and I lived there.
There’re a lot of people in Shanghai.The people are like me.We all speak the same language.The people in Shanghai are busy and friendly.And Shanghai is also and international city.It’s beautiful and fancy.There’re a lot of tall buildings.That’s why Shanghai is my favorite city.It’s my home city.I love Shanghai!
I’d like to go back to Shanghai,but just for a visit.Although Shanghai is good,I’d like to live here because I’d like to study here.I only get a little homework and the air here is flasher than Shanghai.The weather is hot in Shanghai.And the best time of year to go there is spring,because in spring,the weather is cool and warm.But some people asked me:” Why don’t we go there in the fall?The fall is also cool and warm.” I don’t think so,because in Shanghai,the fall is still very hot.I’d like to recommend this place to other because I want more and more people to know and visit my hometown.

80词英文作文 My favourite city 要求写天津: My favourite city
My hometown is a beautiful place with a population of eight million.
It stands beside the Gulf Bohai.
Tianjin has many high office and commercial buildings and wide treelined streets. Several excellent worldfamous institutions of higher learning are located here, namely Nankai University and Tianjin University. As a most important industrial center for North China, her hundreds of factories and joint ventures with foreign companies manufacture a wide range of topgrade and high-tech products or consumer goods. Many of these products have attained or surpassed world levels. Markets and department stores, big or small, are well-stocked with all kinds of goods, which are high in quality but low in price.
But in the old days,Tianjin used to be a poor and backward city characteristic of semi-colonialism and semi-feudalism. The few rich persons lived in luxury houses while the majority of the working people lived in old, shabby huts or buildings on narrow and muddy streets. The working class led a very miserable life.
Today people in Tianjin are going all out to build their city into a beautiful and prosperous place to live in.

小学六年级“There is a pet hospital in my city "翻译中文:

There is a pet hospital in my city 



pet hospital

1.音标:英 [pet ˈhɔspitəl]   美 [pɛt ˈhɑspɪtl]  



The website of the pet management information system realized the pet hospital's network management. 



1.音标:英 [ðeə(r)]   美 [ðer]  



pron.表示某物或某人的存在或某事的发生(常用作be, seem或appear的主语)



I've been there already, so I don't want to go again. 



There be 的句子结构:

(1)there be的否定句,即在be的后面加上not。

否定形式为:There be + not + (any) + 名词+地点状语。


There is not any cat in the room. 房间里没猫。

(2)there be句型的疑问句就是将be提到句首:Be there + (any) +名词+地点状语         

肯定回答:Yes, there is / are. 否定回答:No, there isn't / aren't.


-Is there a dog in the picture?画上有一只狗吗          

-Yes, there is. 有。

-Are there any boats in the river?河里有船吗          

-No, there aren't. 没有。

(3)特殊疑问句:How many . . . are there (+地点状语)  

某地有多少人或物回答用There be . . .


-How many students are there in the classroom?教室里有多少学生          

-There's only one. / There are nine. 只有一个。/有九个。

(4)如果名词是不可数名词,用:How much + 不可数名词 + is there + 地点状语          


How much water is there in the cup?杯中有多少水     

这两句where is the hospital In my city. Where is it?: 然后呢

求 较劲组合 My City 这首歌: 链接/文件,已发送到您的信箱

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